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Blind Hams Home


Cover Image: A pig with dark glasses with radio waves radiating from it’s ears. 

Welcome to

This site is for Blind and Visually Impaired Amateur Radio Operators. CQ Blind Hams is a Podcast and YouTube channel with reviews, tutorials, demos and a Round Table.


Tech Zoom link for the second Thursday of each month at 8pm eastern USA

If anyone has a demo, tutorial or review they would like to submit, please send a link to

CQ Blind Hams Podcast link

CQ Blind Hams YouTube link  

Blind Hams Bridge info

Here you will find all of the ways to connect to the Blind Hams Bridge

Due to the nature of interconnected digital networks, it takes up to
several seconds for your transmission to propagate through the bridge to
everybody else. To avoid missing words and doubled talking, please try
to follow this procedure.

1. Press the PTT and wait a little before beginning to speak. and

2. Wait a couple of seconds after the last person has finished speaking
before you start speaking yourself

This is a link where you can listen to a stream of the audio from the bridge.

Instructions to listen to the Blind Hams Network with your Alexa device


DMR TGIF TG  31679



AllStar    as of April 15 the connections are.

For an AllStar Parrot to test your audio node 55553

506310: United States West Coast (California

506311: United States East Coast (New Jersey)

506312: Canada (Montreal)

506313: England (London)

506314   (Australia/asia) Asia pacific

506315  United States central (Dallas Texas)

506315  United States central (Dallas Texas)

506317 for Transceive and RepeaterPhone users only

If in doubt as to which node will give you the best performance and
lowest latency for your location, connect to 506311.

ECHO-Link *BLIND* node 38020

Y S F  reflector 76138 not wires X

Wires-X room #68022, with the
catch that connecting repeaters must be mixed mode, meaning capable of
passing analog. and digital 

D-Star DCS679A


Ham Shack Hotline dial # 94036

P25 Talk Group 31679

Nets on the Blind Hams Bridge

Sunday .


Monday Night Sounds Good net  8:00 PM Eastern

Tuesday Night 7PM Eastern  Absolute Tech Net  –

Wednesday Night Blind Hams Digital net  9PM Eastern

First Thursday of the month Blind Hams Tech net- 7PM Eastern 4PM Pacific

KY2D Friday 8 PM Eastern

Saturday Blind Hams Digital net 10AM Eastern

Saturday Blind Hams Digital Net Control Station Schedule

Saturday Night Visually Inconvenienced Hams  8PM Eastern

HF Nets

Sunday 4PM Eastern  Cross Country Blind Operators Net 2000 UTC  on 14.258 mhz


Accessibility phone book

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