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Ham Radio Links

Join the QLOG Users Group for accessible software to work F T 8

Ham radio and GMRS callsign cross reference database

WSJT-X and the software for FT8

NANO-VNA Controller v4 for Windows

Nano VNA web for Android devices

Nano VNA Saver project at Spenserweb

Amateur Radio Newsline with a story about Blind Hams network

CSLU v3 by KN4MLR. You must have a QRZ XML subscription

WinSCP 5.15.3 setup

USING JJRadio without the radio

Join the Open GD77 for Blind Ham mailing list to recieve the latest from Joe VK7JS

Accessible GD77 Stable

BETA TEST Accessible GD77

To Download Radioddity’s original firmware needed with Accessible GD77 firmware

JAWS Scripts for GD77

Open GD77 project for Blind Hams

Open TYT MD9600 for blind Hams

TYT MD9600 alternate driver

TYT MD9600  Alternate driver installation instructions

Open TYT MD UV 380 for Blind Hams

GD77 opening Tunes by Chris VE3RWJ

Patrick’s digital hotspot thoughts and recommendations

TYT MD380-MD390 files

RT Systems JAWS scripts

Brandmeister Talk Group list

Configure a personalized Brandmeister security password for your hotspots !

Configure your hotspot for TGIF Prime Network

Master TGIF Talk Group list download

get a DMR ID

How to crossmode on a OpenSpot 3 with a THD74

Ham Shack Hotline

learn more about D-Star

Get started with AllStarLink

AllStar Handbook

How to have node to announce call signs insted of node numbers by Chris NE5V

IAXRPT config

IAXRPT Jaws scripts Instructions

Download the JAWS scripts for IAXRPT files

Patrick Ke4DYI Shari node audio settings

How to add DTMF functions to a ClearNode by Chrris NE5V

Popular AllStar nodes

DVSwitch info

EchoLink, list of various nets you can check into

Talking Digital Multimeter

Kenwood TMV71 files

ARRL site

QRZ website

HF Net list

to subscribe to the Blind Hams Group IO mail serv

to subscribe to the Active Elements group IO mail serv

HandiHams site

Ham Radio and Vision

I Can Work This Thing

Icom IC718 files

Contest Calendar to find what contest is going on

Free Six Meter E-Book

User Guide for Open GD77 project

Learn to solder as a blind ham  The Smith-Kettlewell Technical File,

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